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can of vegetable soup

Vegetable soup

Plymouth Housing
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Product Description:

  • 14.3 oz per can
  • Made with tender, organic vegetables, like carrots, green beans, sweet peas and spinach
  • USDA Organic, Vegan, Certified Kosher, Gluten-Free, Dairy and Lactose-Free, and Soy and Tree Nut Free

Why Donate This Product:

Food insecurity is another problem many experiencing homelessness have to worry about. Ensuring that individuals have access to shelf-stable foods and ways to safely open cans is just another way we can offer assistance. 

About Plymouth Housing:

For over 40 years, Plymouth has focused on serving those often considered the "hardest to serve": people experiencing chronic homelessness. We believe that everybody deserves a home. By combining permanent housing and individualized support services, we help our residents thrive.

By donating the listed price for this product (which includes WA state tax), Provide Now will be able to contribute this gift-in-kind to an organization in need on your behalf.