Community Fundraiser

Taylor Wolfe's 4x4x48 

with Caleb Babcock & Alex Taylor! 

Taylor & Caleb's 4x4x48 Fundraiser

Total Raised of $3,000 Goal:


About Taylor Wolfe:
Hey, my name is Taylor Wolfe and this is the second year that I am teaming up with a charity to complete the 4x4x48 running challenge. I am so stoked to be working with Provide Now so we can see exactly what we are giving back through our donations. 

The 4x4x48 challenge was created by David Goggins and has created a niche group of people who are looking to test their physical capabilities while also supporting their communities. I will be running 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours (for a total of 48 miles). I will be starting at 8PM on Friday March 5th and will start my last 4-miler on Sunday March 7th at 4PM. I even got one of the Provide Now co-founders, Alex Taylor, to join the 4x4x48 with me (although she'll be biking instead of running). Please help us attain our goal of $3,000 by the end of the weekend, I know we can do it! 

I will be keeping everyone updated on my progress via Instagram (@t.w_o_l_f_e) so please follow along, send some love, and support the community by donating! 
If you would like to join in for one or more of the legs (running, walking, or biking all count!) please @ me on Instagram with a video clip of your exercise so I know people are with me! It will really help with morale during the midnight and 4AM runs when I am feeling my worst :)

Thank you all so much in advance. Let’s help some people!


100% of the donations from this fundraiser will go to support the nonprofits that Provide Now works with. Provide Now will evenly distribute the funds raised across:

Chief Seattle Club
Northwest Education Access
Plymouth Housing
Recovery Café
Seattle Animal Shelter
Zeno Math

Donors can opt-in to donate to Provide Now during checkout, which helps us support the community work that we do.

Don't forget to follow Taylor (@t.w_o_l_f_e), Alex (@ProvideNow), and Caleb (@cameracaleb) for hourly updates and live feed while they complete the 4x4x48 March 5th - March 7th!